2022 – positions for ELSMOR project

ELSMOR project – Small Modular Reactor

Thesis Work (MSc), PhD and Research Assistant positions are available for the ELSMOR project (EURATOM) in 2022.

ELSMOR (Towards European Licencing of Small Modular Reactors) will develop a new SMR concept (integral PWR type) designed by a French Consortium (EdF, CEA, Framatome, Technicatome). POLIMI will be involved in both modelling and experimental activities, especially on Passive Safety Systems and innovative Compact Plate Heat Exchangers.

Positions are offered not only by POLIMI-NRgoup but also by other italian partners: ENEA and SIET labs (experimental activities).

Periods abroad (according to Covid-19 constraints) are foreseen, mostly in France (EdF, CEA, Framatome, IRSN) and in Finland (VTT).

Countries involved: FRA, FIN, GER, ITA, LTU, UKR

more info: marco.ricotti@polimi.it