EURATOM funded project:
ELSMOR “Towards European Licencing of Small Modular Reactors”


F-SMR concept

ELSMOR advances the understanding and technological solutions pertaining to light water SMRs on several fronts:

– Collection, analysis, and dissemination of the information on the potential and challenges of Small Modular Reactors to various stakeholders, including the public, decision makers and regulators.
– Development of the high level methods to assess the safety of LW-SMRs
– Improvement of the European experimental research infrastructure to assist in the evaluation of the novel safety features of the future LW-SMRs.
– Improvement of the European nuclear safety analysis codes to demonstrate the capability to assess the safety of the future LW-SMRs.

The ELSMOR project is built upon the expertise of the consortium that consists of technical support organizations (TSOs), technical research centres, industrial partners, and universities with the long experience in European nuclear safety analysis and the development and implementation of innovative nuclear technologies. The industrial partners include utilities, small medium sized enterprises (SMEs) as well as the consortium (involving EdF, CEA, TechnicAtome and Naval Group) currently developing the French LWR F-SMR design: the NUWARD project has been launched at the end of 2019 (see news here).