Experimental Labs

NRGroup owns & operates and has access to experimental facilities, for investigations in the thermal-hydraulic and neutronic areas, also to develop and validate models and codes.

@ SIET Labs

SIET is a world-class experimental lab, mainly devoted to large or full-scale testing of components and systems for new generation nuclear reactors. NRGroup build and operates @ SIET its thermal-hydraulic facilities, to investigate passive safety systems and innovative components, typically in two-phase flow dynamics.

* (POLIMI is shareholder of SIET S.p.A., together with ENEA, ENEL, ANSALDO Nucleare, Tectubi Raccordi)

@ POLIMI-Bovisa Campus

Recently NRGroup has set up a new experimental facility to investigate molten salt fluid dynamic features, within the SAMOFAR Euratom Project.

DYNASTY (DYnamics of NAtural circulation for molten SalT internallY heated) simulates the primary system of a Molten Salt Reactor (salt: Hitec®) coupled with a passive safety system – natural circulation, air cooled closed loop (fluid: diatermic oil).

@ LENA: TRIGA Reactor

Experimental and modelling activities on neutronics, thermal-hydraulic coupling, simulation & control, are performed at LENA lab at University of Pavia, where a TRIGA research reactor (250 kW size) is in operation.

Some educational & training sessions, within the MSc course “Experimental Nuclear Reactor, are carried out as well at LENA.

Computational Lab

NRGroup access a POLIMI-Dept. of Energy parallel cluster (more than 100 processors), for numerical computation and simulation.

Codes adopted:

  • RELAP – reactor safety analysis,
  • TRANSURANUS, BISON – fuel performance,
  • MCNP – neutronics,
  • ABAQUS – FEM mechanical and structural analysis,
  • FLUENT – CFD analysis,
  • MODELICA – Object Oriented modelling,
  • OpenFoam, COMSOL – Multiphysics modelling.