DYNASTY (DYnamics of NAtural circulation for molten SalT internallY heated) is a natural circulation loop for thermal-hydraulic experimental campaigns. DYNASTY can be operated in distributed heating mode: all the pipes of the facility (except the cooler) are provided with electrical heaters.

The lower part of the facility is branched, to have both a natural circulation branch and a forced circulation branch.

TC1 to TC4: fluid temperature thermocouples

GV1, GV2, GO1, GO2 (in red): independently, electrically heated sections


Operating conditions: Temperature up to 300°C, electrical power up to 5.3 kW, atmospheric pressure.

Two different working fluids can be employed: water or a molten salt (melting at 138°C).

DYNASTY can be operated with two different coolers: i) a finned pipe in the upper part of the facility, or ii) a coaxial heat exchanger, coupled to a secondary loop.
In the first case, a fan is coupled to the finned pipe to remove the power.
In the second case, a second natural circulating loop operates as heat sink for the primary loop.

DYNASTY facility: 3D modelby Modelo »

DYNASTY facility



Grey: primary loop

Orange: secondary loop

Blue: fan and coaxial heat exchanger