Nuclear Reactors Group

The Nuclear Reactors Group (NRGroup) belongs to the CeSNEF-Nuclear Engineering Section of the Department of Energy, at Politecnico di Milano.
The NRGroup contributes to the research activities in the field of Nuclear Energy.

NRGroup’s life

Thesis Opportunities

MSc Thesis, PhD Thesis and Research Assistant fellowships @NRGroup.



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NRGroup organise VISITS to nuclear facilities: nuclear power plants, research centres, laboratories.


About Nuclear Energy...

Useful presentations, documents, links related to news and information about NUCLEAR ENERGY.

Research | NRGroup

Competence Areas

Thermal Hydraulics and Safety Systems (modelling & experimental),
Thermal Mechanics,
nuclear Fuel Performance, Neutronics,
Multi-physics & Model-based Simulation and Control,


Next Generation Reactors

Since 2000 our research is focused mainly on NEXT GENERATION REACTORS, in particular on Small-Medium Modular Reactors (SMRs) and Generation IV Lead Fast Reactors (LFR) and Molten Salt Fast Reactors (MSFR).

International R&D Projects

NRGroup is leading R&D activities in EURATOM FUNDED PROJECTS as well as in NATIONAL PROGRAMMES.

Education | NRGroup

Nuclear Engineering


SEMINARS from international experts, coming from Companies, Research Centers, Universities, Organisations from the nuclear community.

International Schools

NRGroup people collaborate to SUMMER & WINTER SCHOOLS on Nuclear Engineering topics.

Courses for Professionals

Edu&Training activities for nuclear professionals in the field of NUCLEAR PROJECT MANAGEMENT (in collaboration with MIP-Business School of Politecnico di Milano).

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