NRG Facilities @SIET lab

SIET lab has unique capabilities:
electrical power:  up to 7.5 MWe
pump:  up to 250 bar
steam: up to 40 kg/s at 100 bar (sat. temp.) and 10 kg/s at 220 bar 430°C;
space: up to 28 m in elevation;
– wide area and auxiliary systems available for TH experiments, including a certified measurement testing and calibration lab.

NRGroup facilities:

1Experimental facility for the investigation of Helical Coil tubes Steam Generators for Small Modular Reactors (IRIS project): two-phase flow mixtures, pressure drops, critical heat flux, flow instabilities, at full-scale Temperature, Pressure and Power conditions (2 prototypic helical coil tubes: 32 m length, 8 m height, 80 bar, 200 kW/tube).

2Experimental facility to simulate a Passive Safety System for SMRs: natural circulation, two-phase flow, sliding pressure loop, full-scale in elevation (20 m height), scaled power (1:300), to investigate performance, stability, sensitivity to key physical parameters (non-condensables, filling ratio, power).

Both facilities are fully instrumented (over 150 measurement points: temperatures, flow rates, pressures, levels).

3Experimental facility to test Pressure Suppression Vent System, as occurred in Fukushima BWR NPPs and as applied in some innovative SMR technology: the stability of the dynamic behavior of steam condensation/collapse and pressure pulses is investigated. A transparent plexiglass water pool hosts different vent piping terminals. High-speed camera videos show the dynamics of steam flow rate injected at different pressure / temperature into the sub cooled water.
The R&D activity has been carried out in collaboration with IAE (Tokyo) and NHK Japanese TV.