EURATOM funded project (FP7):
ENEN-RU II “Strengthening of Cooperation and Exchange for Nuclear Education and Training between the European Union and the Russian Federation”

Official web site: enenru2/

The ENEN-RU II project has achieved to develop a sustainable framework of cooperation between the EU and the Russian Federation in terms of Nuclear Education and Training.


The achieved results provided:


  • Mechanisms of short-term and long-term manner of cooperation have been established through a permanent E&T Forum reinforced by several bilateral collaboration agreements among the participants and an online database of infrastructure’s and E&T facilities (enenru-db.net).
  • Opportunities for cooperation have been identified and launched based on the joint collaboration at Master level (through university exchange agreements and joint courses), PhD level (joint research lines based on established doctorate stages) and joint training programs for young professionals.
  • Implementation of seven jointly organized technical courses (more than 60 participants) on:
      1. Engineering aspects of Fuel Fabrication,
      2. Safety issues of VVER-type reactors with nuclear fuel based on reprocessed uranium,
      3. Nuclear Safety Culture methodology and practice,
      4. Systematic Approach to Training methodology,
      5. Introduction to Nuclear safety analysis of Nuclear Reactors with state-of-art Computer Programs,
      6. Multiphysics simulation of nuclear systems,
      7. Simulation of different NPPs operation.
  • Organization of four Forum meetings, 4 PhD stages and 1 Summer School on Engineering Computer Modelling.