position @ IAE – Institute of Applied Energy (Tokyo)

Position for one internship student at Institute of Applied Energy (Tokyo)

Starting: any time before October 1st, 2019, ending: March 2020

Duration: minimum 6 months, less than one year depending on when you start

Location: at IAE (Institute of Applied Energy), Tokyo, Japan

Qualification for the internship: second year student in the Nuclear Engineering Master course who is well-prepared for the thesis work or for higher level work

Prerequisites: Thermal hydraulics, reactor physics, nuclear safety and computations

Level of internship program: IAE assumes MSc thesis research level

Research program topic and aim:

  • Research topic is in the area of MCCI (Molten Corium and Concrete Interactions) of Severe Accident of LWRs. The effort centers on validation of SAMPSON code and both COREQUENCH and MELTSPREAD codes, which are the two open source modules of the MELCOR code. MELTSPREAD calculates extent of spreading and shell heat-up and COREQUENCH evaluates coolability of debris
  • Through the internship program, he/she will learn to use an IAE’s in-house 3D code SAMPSON and a US NRC’s lumped or 1D code MELCOR. The student shall gain the knowledge and expertise in the area of nuclear accidents, material science and computation

Salary will be paid — Sufficient for a single student to live in Tokyo

No air fare included

Deadline of application: May 15, 2019 (the deadline would not be extended in view of a couple of months required to complete paper work and visa businesses)


For further information, contact Prof. H. Ninokata at hisashi.ninokata@polimi.it or Prof. M.E. Ricotti or Prof. A. Cammi.