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1st Short-Course on NUCLEAR PROJECT MANAGEMENT (2017)

The 1st edition of the Course has been performed on March 1-3, 2017, on Como lake premises, with success and satisfaction of the participants: 28 persons attended the first edition, coming from Russia, Finland, Turkey, Iran and Italy.

Thank you to the Attendees as well as to the Lecturers for the positive and fruitful experience!

Next edition to be planned soon, stay tuned!…

Course Description

Nowadays Nuclear Project Management capabilities represent a critical issue for the success of new nuclear power plants deployment.

This Short Course addresses some key topics on nuclear management: founding basis of management of complex projects, use of International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) standards related to the management of facilities, nuclear safety culture, project organization and communication channels, project planning and scheduling, project cost controls for measuring performance, contracting strategies and procurement, as well as a brief view on international licensing requirements, quality management, and approach to project risk analysis.

The Short Course is developed by qualified nuclear experts from the international environment, who present their views in the different topics, including some lessons learned during their experience on engineering and construction of nuclear power plants.

At the end of the Short Course, a Certificate of Attendance will be issued.

Course Structure
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Course Target Audience

The Course is oriented to young/mid-level professionals who are involved in the nuclear program implementation, in different technical or support management roles. The Course provides to these professionals a comprehensive basis knowledge on nuclear project management for the performance of their functions and for their careers development.

To reach a good effectiveness, audience will be targeted to 12 – 15 Attendees.

Course Approach

The Course Approach is based on modules covering the main project management areas, composed by presentations delivered by an Expert Lecturer, followed by a brief session of questions & answers and a wrapping up session to gather the key points.

Modules target durations are preliminarily defined, and can be adjusted depending on the audience response.

Course Directors

Prof. Marco Ricotti marco.ricotti@polimi.it
Prof. Mauro Mancini mauro.mancini@polimi.it
Ing. Oscar Agostino Mignone oscaragostino.mignone@outlook.com