Simulation & Control, Multiphysics, Reduced Order Modelling

Multiphysics approach to the modelling of core neutronics, fluid dynamics and thermal mechanics features of new generation reactors (Lead-cooled and Molten Salt reactors), by developing code and routines in a single environment (COMSOL, OpenFoam)

Multi-Physics simulation of Molten Salt Reactor: neutronics + fluid dynamics

Development of object-oriented modelling for flexible and fast running simulators, for dynamic response analysis and control control strategy analysis (e.g. load following capabilities), applicable to different reactor concepts (e.g. SMR, reactors for space applications, ADS, LFR, MSFR), adopting a model-based, predictive control strategy

Development of Reduced Order Modelling techniques for reducing the computational burden of complex simulation. and model/data-driven approaches to increase the knowledge of the system

CFD full order simulation (LEFT) vs. Reduced Order Model (RIGHT) – lead coolant asymmetric transient into the ALFRED (LFR) pool