Thermal Fluid Dynamics & Passive Safety

Helical Coil – Steam Generator facility at SIET labs

 Theoretical and experimental investigation of helical coil tube – modular steam generators, to identify the dynamic behaviour and the effect of geometrical and T-H parameters on two-phase pressure drops, dry-out, flow instability, to obtain correlations and stability maps

 Theoretical and experimental investigation of two-phase flow, natural circulation, closed loop Passive Safety Systems in sliding pressure configuration, including stable-unstable behaviour characterization, for new generation reactors

SPES-3 Integral Testing Facility for SMRs

Collaboration to the study, design and future operation of an integral testing facility (SPES-3) for an SMR-integral PWR type, for licensing purposes

Development of a risk-informed approach and procedure for the design of new generation reactors (e.g. IRIS), following a “safety-by-design” strategy, to obtain a sensible reduction of both estimated Core Damage Frequency (CDF) and Emergency Planning Zone (EPZ)