2022 – positions for PASCAL project

Thesis Work (MSc) are available for the PASCAL project (EURATOM) in 2022.

PASCAL (Proof of Augmented Safety Conditions in Advanced Liquid-metal-cooled systems) will develop proofs of the high safety level the Lead-cooled Fast Reactors are able to achieve. POLIMI will be involved in the CFD modelling and experimental validation of accident scenarios, involving deformed geometries of the LFR fuel assembly.

The CFD (Large Eddy Simulation – LES) modelling will be carried out with the supervision of prof. Hisashi Ninokata.

Periods abroad (according to Covid-19 constraints) are foreseen.

Countries involved: BEL, NED, GER, CH

more info: antonio.cammi@polimi.it, stefano.lorenzi@polimi.it