2022 – new activities on Hybrid Systems

Hybrid System scheme (click to enlarge)

NRGroup is pursuing a new R&D line on HYBRID SYSTEMS, devoted to the modeling and scenario analysis of complex energy systems integrating into a “smart” grid: Small Modular Reactors, hydrogen production, renewables (solar, wind), energy storage (thermal, batteries), desalination, district heating and biofuel plants.

A large multi-disciplinary R&D group, joining competences from electrical, energetic, economic and nuclear side, is being set up at POLIMI-Department of Energy.

Moreover, the initiative elaborated by the NRGroup with EU nuclear partners (CEA, EdF, FORTUM, VTT, IAEA, OECD-NEA and other organisations), led to the submision of a proposal to Euratom: the TANDEM project.

New Thesis Work positions are now open for 2022, both on power plants and economic modelling.

For further info, contact marco.ricotti@polimi.it.