6 new EU projects!

The Nuclear Reactors Group is now involved in 6 new EURATOM funded projects.

The results of the review process, published in Feb 2022, were quite successful for NRG, with a flattering “6 out of 7” proposals selected by EURATOM.

The new EU projects will develop in the period 2022-2026.

ANSELMUS, ECOSENS, ENEN2plus, ESFR-SIMPLE, SASPAM-SA and TANDEM are the names of the new international R&D projects, devoted to different topics: Small Modular Reactors, Generation IV, hybrid systems & climate change, safety, economics, social acceptance.

New MSc and PhD thesis will be available, right since 2022, with opportunities to spend part of the thesis abroad, in partner organisations: the new Thesis Work topics will be published here.

For detailed info, please contact the professors of the NRGroup.