About Us


.: Since 2000 the research is focused mainly on Next Generation Reactors, in particular on Small-Medium Modular Reactors (SMRs) and on Generation IV studies (Lead-cooled Fast Reactors, Molten Salt Reactors). Recently, topics on new generation reactors for Space Applications and for energy systems based on renewables (Hybrid Systems) were added to our activities.

.: Current R&D areas include: thermal hydraulics and safety systems – both modelling and experimental -, thermal mechanics, nuclear fuel performance and neutronics, multi-physics & model-based simulation and control, and economics.

.: The NRGroup is leading R&D activities in EURATOM funded projects.


.: Education is offered mainly in the framework of the Master of Science degree in Nuclear Engineering and of the Doctorate School in Energy and Nuclear Science and Technology.

.: International experts are often hosted by NRGroup to offer seminars to students and colleagues.

.: NRGroup people collaborate also to Summer & Winter schools on Nuclear Engineering topics (e.g. in EURATOM funded projects, in S.Petersburg Polytechnic).

.: Edu&Training activities refer also to professionals, e.g. in the field of Nuclear Project Management (in collaboration with MIP-Business School of Politecnico di Milano).