Nuclear Energy and Renewables in Germany

Denis Janin, PhD, Manager in Preussen Elektra (GER) on Dec. 6, 2018 offered a seminar on “Contribution of Nuclear Power Plants to the German Energy Transition”.

An introduction to the status of nuclear power in Germany, the German energy transition status and the economics of nuclear energy with a focus on the flexibility of nuclear power plants and the synergies with renewables energies.

Mr. Denis Janin is nuclear engineer at E.ON since 2011. He was in charge of core design and safety analysis activities until 2015. He then joined the department of energy economics at PreussenElektra, the nuclear subsidiary of E.ON, where he is in charge of assets optimization, market analysis and power hedging as portfolio manager.
Denis Janin contributes regularly to works of the IAEA on small reactors and the synergies of nuclear and renewables energies.
Denis Janin was President of the International Youth Nuclear Congress (IYNC) from 2016 till April 2018.